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Genuine Ancient Roman Coin In Display Case - Urbs Roma

Genuine Ancient Roman Coin In Display Case - Urbs Roma

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Genuine Ancient Roman Bronze Coin in Display Case

-Beautifully presented, great for display and gift.-

 Nicely preserved Roman coin in reversible black/white background display case. Case measurement: 8.5 x 6.5 cm.

Emperor: Constantine the Great AD 306 - 337

Mintage Year: Approx. AD 330

Mint: Constantinople

Diameter: 18mm

Metal: Bronze

Obverse: Roma, Goddess of Rome VRBS ROMA

Reverse: Romulus and Remus being suckled by the She-wolf


The Wolf & Twins Bronze - issued from 330AD in the name of Roman Emperor Constantine the Great is among the world's most famous coin types. Defined by huge historical significance, rich symbolism and intriguing beauty, the tremendous affordability of the Wolf & Twins Bronze means that it is a coin type that everyone can enjoy.

Struck as part of the celebrations of the creation of a new capital for the Empire, at Constantinople, the Wolf & Twins Bronze was more than a simple commemorative coin. It represented an astute political statement from a wise ruler.

Given the importance, the history and remarkable affordability of this near 1,700-year-old Roman coin, the Constantine the Great Wolf & Twins Bronze is simply a must-have for all collectors, regardless of your traditional interest. Graded Fine, and astonishingly good value at our price, take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to hold the history of the Roman Empire in your hands.


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